Graphic arts

Nelson Marin Marin Screen printer

Nelson Marin Marin

Screen printer

Montreuil - Feb. 28, 2017

Under the corrugated iron of aworkshop in Montreuil, between the floating vapors of solvent, ink and palo santo, there, two persons in symbiosis are working in minute details.A man: Nelson Marin Marin...

Nelson sérigraphie
34 Rue Gaston Lauriau 93100 Montreuil
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Patrick Chevailler Painter

Patrick Chevailler


Palm Island - Mar. 05, 2015

Patrick Chevailler is 69, no, my apologies, he is 24 with 45 years of experience.With his royal persona and a cigarette at the corner of his lips, it feels as though he’s mocking you. This must bean o...

Patrick Chevailler
Palm Island Saint Vincent & Grenadines, West Indies
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