Muhammad Sahli Gamelan maker

Muhammad Sahli

Gamelan maker

Wirun - Apr. 27, 2016

For just once sensing his voice, not only by his ears but by his guts, by the depth of his tired or careful self, once sanked into his tones, his shivers, his plaints, forever we shall be followed, st...

Muhammad Sahli
Wirun, Mojolaban Sukoharjo Central Java
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ïu Jewellery Design Miren Lasnier, jewellery designer

ïu Jewellery Design

Miren Lasnier, jewellery designer

Paris - Oct. 15, 2015

Miren Lasnier hides behind her well mannered looks and her fine composition all the agility of the ones who can transport you with the fewest words.With a joyful high-speech voice, arms that keep on t...

ïu Jewelery Design
ENSCI - 48, rue Saint-Sabin 75011 Paris
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LABO ~ David Zacharias

LABO ~ David Zacharias

Bricoleur éclairé et objets vivants

Oct. 12, 2015

David Zacharias is a man of many talents. Always modest, one can read on his resume: "This one touches at everything, even anything. He likes to run his hands and eyes together. ". The tone is set, of...

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John Gillot Craftsman butcher

John Gillot

Craftsman butcher

Paris - Oct. 05, 2015

John Gillot is the chief of a brave and honest squad of butchers, armed regiment guaranteeing the ideal success of thisartisan butcher under the spotlights. The beef Michelin Rochette floating above t...

Boucherie Moderne
249, boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris
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Malú Lopez Handmade jewellery designer

Malú Lopez

Handmade jewellery designer

Berlin - Aug. 20, 2015

Yinkana in Spanish means treasure hunt. It’s also the name of Malú Lopez’s newly created brand which calls on our olfactory memory to reflect on our past life. A cross-road between jewellery and perfu...

Torstraße 67 10119 Berlin
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Jean-Paul Philippe Sculptor

Jean-Paul Philippe


Paris - Mar. 09, 2015

Jean-Paul Philippe is one of those men that we may read their story on their face, as an open book. His deep gaze and facial features tells you way more than just one life.Arriving in Paris in May 197...

Jean-Paul Philippe
Rue de Saint-Simon 75007 Paris
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Patrick Chevailler Painter

Patrick Chevailler


Palm Island - Mar. 05, 2015

Patrick Chevailler is 69, no, my apologies, he is 24 with 45 years of experience.With his royal persona and a cigarette at the corner of his lips, it feels as though he’s mocking you. This must bean o...

Patrick Chevailler
Palm Island Saint Vincent & Grenadines, West Indies
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