In the 2000’s, Alain Herard went to chance his luck in Berlin, where, at the time, possibilities seemed endless.

Freshly graduated from the prestigious Newark School of Violin Making, Nottinghamshire, he developed his workshop in the old workers neighborhood of Kreuzberg. He settled in a 200 m2, very bright  and low cost workshop that still amazes him to this day.

Now facing the explosion of real estate and in spite of an overflowing order book, Alain Herard fears that he will not be able to work in his self created workshop so much longer. Despite this, Alain Herard focuses his concentration on what he does best: the double bass. His great passion leads him to dedicate all of his time to the old lady.

When Alain Herard is asked if he sees himself as more of an artist or a craftsman, he answers, in all modesty, that he « simply works the raw material, a little like a brushes manufacturer ».