A wonderful friendship story binds Mario Kraeft and Micha Wintjen. It began with the union of handmade knowledge and now forms a bridge between Paris and Berlin. 

Prior their association, Micha was the apprentice of Mario in Vincennes where he mastered the trade of cabinet making. Now Micha has returned to Germany to build up his own workshop where he revives old furniture, bringing back on their surfaces a brightness polished by time. 

When one crosses the door of his exquisite ‘another age’  workshop, it proposes the feeling that you have entered a place steeped in history which seizes you. Perfumes, wood flavour and the old windows filter light and throught them present a soft and warm atmosphere. Accompanied by this is the laughter of both accomplices and their contagious enjoyment when they find themselves working together in such a beautiful place. 

Mario is still in Vincennes but whenever he can, he fills his small van with furniture and travels the thousands kilometers that separate him from Micha. Soon he hopes to settle down definitively in Berlin.